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Want To Know How These Women Got Flawless Skin?

By SARAH GUTHRIE  10th April 2021 | Sponsored by Skin Perfecta

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Meet Kathy Miller.

“For years I’ve been frustrated with the appearance of my legs they’re pale, patchworked with childhood scars, and often pretty bruised up — the latter is thanks to my small but enthusiastic dog who shows his love by jumping all over me.

I also have keratosis pilaris, a skin condition sometimes called “strawberry legs,” characterized by lumpy bumps on my arms and legs. And occasionally my neck. Though my KP is quite mild, it tends to get red and sore by my knees. I haven’t worn leg makeup since I was a bruised-up ballet student years ago. And I was enthusiastic to see what advances had been made in Body Makeup Technology.

After all, I’d always wondered, “which Skin Camouflage Foundation was the best for me? Which product would give me the glossy, perfected legs of a Malibu Barbie?”

There was only one way to find out. Over the last five years I have tested so many different leg makeup products, ranging in price from $12 to $249, to find out which one(s) would give me the Barbie legs of my summer dreams but none of them have worked. 


But thanks to my dearest friend hair stylish, Dana, and her connections. 

I got a hold of this Exclusive Skin foundation at a ridiculous super expensive price, that isn’t marketed as leg makeup but as a skin camouflage. As a special events coordinator, I’ve seen SO MANY makeup artists backstage at NYFW secretly using this exact product on models’ legs, arms, and backs that I knew I had to try for myself. 


This foundation is oil-free plus has Vitamins A, C, E and comes in three tones for all types of skin. I used shade light, which is a neutral undertone. When I used it on my arm, I was instantly amazed. Though the foundation was a little on the heavy side, the color matched my skin. 

My skin has a lot of yellow undertones, but the fair shade seemed to be a dead match. Though it seemed very full coverage on the first try, I *did* applied too much to my arm.


I was ready for the test.

Imagine my surprise, after multiple failures and a lot of money wasted, to discover that the so secret skin foundation used by professionals makeup artists was PERFECT. 


Not only did it act like IRL Facetune for my legs, but it also made me realize *exactly* what I was looking for in body makeup.

This foundation Opened my eyes to why people swear by a little light leg makeup. Instead of dramatically changing my skin tone, it matched my complexion. It evened out the look of my skin without making it seem like I was doused in foundation paint. It made my legs look like MY legs — just even more beautiful. Best of all, this makeup dried down in under two minutes and did not get on any of my clothing. It also didn’t sweat off under the hot lights of our studio — making it perfect for night events.


I finally got it.!


Up close, the difference is striking. It looks like I threw a flattering filter on my left leg — but nope, that’s just a light coat of this amazing Secret Exclusive Skin Foundation.

I found that this Secret Skin Foundation was, as all the Skin Camouflage products tended to be, easy to apply by yourself. Unlike the others products, I’ve tried before.

I now faced a reality check, how can I get this product regularly without paying the premium exclusive price? The answer to my dilemma was soon to be heard. I learned the Real Story about why this product was the makeup artists’ best-kept secret.

The creators of this amazing formula were running a pilot testing among a very selective pool of makeup artists in NYC. They were provided samples to test on their high-end clientele but, they had to agree not to reveal or promote the product they were using.

As the product became the #1 choice for concealing all types of skin imperfections on high profile clientele, word spread out and more makeup artists became obsessed to get a hold of the product, to the point that the creators couldn’t keep up with the increasing demand for test samples. In fact, the pilot test had to be cut short, and the company moved to full-blown production for the masses and is already available, YEAH!!! I couldn’t agree more with its name.

And THAT’S what really sold me on this product: This Skin Concealer actually blends! There were no issues with weird lines or blobs or bald patches, which was a rarity amongst the products I tried. I used a stippling brush to blend around my knees, but I also had good results with a sponge. That’s right — the best leg makeup I tried isn’t even technically leg makeup. SKIN PERFECTA, lightly applied, didn’t make my legs look drastically different. It kept my legs looking like MY legs… just even more beautiful.


In fact, the wearing blend-ability and its amazing price of this formula is an A+ making it my pick for the Best Skin Imperfection Concealer of 2021

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